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Case Studies - Fabricated Chassis

Large fabricated aluminium chassis for UK defence company used in naval aplication. Manufactured approximatly 10 off.

Made from grade 5251 aluminium sheet. The electronic design files were programmed directly from the customers 3D model file and developed using Solidworks for manufacture. This allowed us to seemlessly and quickly take the customers design to the shop floor for production.

Processes included CNC punching from 2.5mm sheet and folding on a CNC brakepress. The component was then tig welded with fillet welds throughout and dressed finished to a high standard to meet customer specifications.

Paramount then managed the alocrom finish through a local approved sub-contractor and made final delivery in a single batch.

Inspection was carried out at each stage of the manufacturing processes to ensure dimensional integrity to customer specification. In particular the mounting holes which were to carry electronic instrument in this case required a positional tolerance of +/- 0.05mm.

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