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CNC Turning

CNC Turning

We offer CNC turning for turning diameters upto 370mm with a 76mm chuck and C axis.
Our machine is fully networked and capacle of accepting solid models.


Carriage specifications are:
  • X axis: 255mm (185+70)
  • Z axis: 790mm
  • C axis: 360 degrees


General capacity specifications are:
  • Maximum turning diameter: 370mm
  • Maximum workpiece length: 765mm
  • Maximum weight on spindle (chucking work): 220kg
  • Maximum weight on spindle (shaft work): 370kg

C Axis Turning

Our Doosan Lynx 300m CNC lathe offers a c-axis which allows for mill-turn functionality and single hit machining of complex components that would otherwise require multiple machines.

CNC Milling

CNC Punching