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Thales Aerospace and Paramount Precision have had a long standing open and honest relationship for a number of years.

Together we have developed an early supplier involvement with new design with our engineering environment which has helped drive out cost and ease of manufacture at design concept.

Equally Paramount are adept at offering salvage schemes to items which are in need of updating or repair.

Thales Aerospace have sponsored Paramount Precision as a valuable Supplier and have offered continued Support along the journey.

Paramount have embraced the SC21 ethos as a way of moving forward with their in-house systems and have engaged openly with their team both on the shop floor and in the office environment.

Thales have reaped rewards of this initiative by better understanding the needs of Paramount Precision and their mutual understanding of our requirements. The OTIF model is used as a major tool to measure on time delivery.

Next steps for Paramount Precision are to expand their customer portfolio with the support of any new initiatives from Thales Aerospace

Sonia Bellamy Thales UK

My relationship with PPE is that of Supplier Quality Assurance and Drawing Free Manufacturing (DFM) Assessor. I have been involved with PPE from the start of their journey with SC21 and presenting Lean Tools.

I am personally pleased with the way that PPE has taken onboard the amount of work they need to do, not only to meet the requirements of SC21 but in a well programmed method of improvements for their own benefit. They have not gone into it like a ball in a chine shop just to get the badge.

Thales has benefited from Paramount's implementation to their sustaining what they are doing now and working to wards better cost reduction.

To increase their portfolio by introducing new/updated technology and offering new scope of assembly working e.g. moving up the supply chain.

Quality Assurance Manager Thales Aerospace Division

Has always and maintains to be a good business relationship. Paramount have always provided good quality solutions to our design aspirations that are within there capacity and commodity limitations.

In some ways the size of the organisation has coloured our judgement as to the capacity and capability of PPE. In addition Ultra orders are shared amongst a number of similar commodity providers which has been limited by Quotation price. Perceptions however are changing based on Supplier strategic objectives which have been shared with PPE.

As UECCS Quality Manager I have attended a number of customer relationships meetings and overseen the business Excellence and Manufacturing Excellence assessments and monitored their progress against their CSIP. PPE and UECCS have shared their strategic goals and ensured communications channels are more regular.

We have seen continual improvement in their Quality and Delivery metrics but also have introduced an open book relationship which I believe will be nurtured in the future.

I have seen an essential ingredient to PPE's journey and that is commitment from the top and all the staff. I was also impressed that PPE looked at this process on a global business basis and not a specific product like many other SC21 award winners.

An approved supplier that fits our needs and aspirations for the future. Our open book relationship should encourage more orders with minimum issues.

I would hope to see some expansion to increase capacity, some more streamlining of their process in order that they compete with their competitors, and I hope they raise their ISO accreditation to meet AS9100 which will increase there potential for more defence and aerospace work.

Quality Assurance Manager Ultra Command and Control Systems

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